Videographer vs. Cinematographer

What is the difference between a videographer and a cinematographer? This is a question that is not commonly asked, but it’s very important to understand if you’re looking to invest in a video production project. It’s important to find the right video production company for the job.

Basically, a videographer films events. This can be kids dance recitals, football games and/or Grandma’s 80th birthday. There are also corporate events like seminars, conferences and HOA meetings. One of the biggest things videographers do is film weddings; however, there are highly skilled wedding cinematographers. I’ll explain that in a minute. Videography is typically shot from a tripod and follows the action of a live event.

A cinematographer, or in general, a “video production company” films well planned and often scripted storyboards, like a movie, for example, or a corporate video. These videos tend to be more dramatic. Why? Because the shots are planned. You can shoot the scene over and over until you not only get the shot you want, but also the look. You’re creating a story and the final result is a something compelling, interesting and designed to make the viewer connect with your products or services. Once they make that connection, you’re well on your way to having that video being successful in the way in which it was designed to be. The viewer buys your product, buys your services or you end up just enhancing your image and brand.

Oh yeah, remember the wedding cinematographer? Back in the day, wedding guys simply went to the wedding, filmed the ceremony and reception, put it all together and you see it just as it happened that day, basic and simple. When it comes to wedding cinema, typically, your whole day is filmed including getting ready and other special events and planned scenes to create a movie like the cinematic love story of your day. We’ve done a few of these for our existing clients. There are no redos! You have one opportunity to get most of the shots.

You’re ready to have a video produced, start researching the right terms. Do you need a videographer or a video production company? You won’t really want to search for a cinematographer, unless you are wanting to film a movie. Video production companies are more along the lines of what you are most likely wanting. Some companies do both, like here at Digital Motion Studios. We only collaborate with businesses though; that’s our specialty. Whether you need a corporate video, TV commercials, testimonials, training video or anything in between including business events, we have you covered.

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