Video Tours in West Palm Beach, FL

Highlighting Your Business

With the popularity of social media and video distribution sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, over 90% of potential customers begin their search on the internet. Not to mention the fact that most households include several computers, ipads plus a growing percentage of SmartPhones – essentially a pocket computer with phone calling capabilities!Most People would rather watch a video than a collection of still photos or dreadfully read through multiple pages of text on a website. Generally, most people would rather watch a movie than read the book! Lazy? Maybe not…for the most part it simply may be more convenient.

Video is more realistic, more appealing, and can create emotion – something still photos and text cannot do. And emotion is how people make decisions. Whether it’s a good decision or a bad one, they base that decision on emotion.

“Web appeal” is the new social media “Curb Appeal” of yesterday. How your business appears online means the difference between a potential customer picking up the phone and scheduling an appointment, or clicking the “NEXT” button…

Business video tours can have the same effect as Real Estate Video Tours, Showcasing all the great features your business has to offer from Medical offices to Manufacturing. These tours can be purely cinematic or narrated with a professional voice over.

Dr Sarbak

Salt Dancer

White Orchid Spa Video Tour

St Lucie Medical Orthopedic Department Virtual Tour