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Enhance Your Brand, Educate Your Viewer & Boost Your Sales!

Welcome to Digital Motion Studios!  We’re a business 2 business video production company in South Florida. We know you’re busy so convenience is key and that’s why we come to you. We service West Palm Beach and all the surrounding areas including Stuart and Port St. Lucie.

If you a need a video for your business, we’re the ideal video company for you. We cover every aspect of video that a company would need; from marketing to internal state of the company updates. This also includes training video, testimonials, simple how-to videos as well as corporate events. Digital Motion Studios loves business and we love helping companies grow their business.

Branding & growing your business is the objective.

Since the internet is now the top medium for business growth, video content is one of the most powerful assets for your business. Quality matters because your company or product is being evaluated every-time your video is watched. Your content and production quality along with the overall presentation must be easy to understand and attractive to the viewer. The longer you keep the viewer engaged, the more success your video will have. Everyone makes decisions based on emotion. Good or bad, they make their decisions based on how something makes them feel. If you can make someone feel good through your video, you may have just acquired a life long customer.

Please reach out to us via the contact form if you have any questions. We respond right away to all inquiries.


A high-quality video doesn’t have to be expensive.

The video industry has changed rapidly due to the major advances in the technology over the past years. This has made video production equipment more accessible and less expensive. We now have better cameras and equipment at much more affordable prices that lowers our cost and ultimately lowers the cost for our clients.. Therefore, many our clients consist of small to medium-sized businesses that can now thrive along with our large corporate clients. So regardless of the company’s size, we strive to build strong professional relationships and long-lasting partnerships.

Get the most impact from your video production.

We’re proud to be a lean running full-service video production company using the latest high-end production equipment including 4K cinema cameras. Making you and your company look its very best is not only important to us, it’s our main goal! Our specialty at Digital Motion Studios is serving your audience. Our total collaborative process ensures that your vision comes to life, your production is flawless and your viewers are inspired. When you work with us, you’re the Executive Producer. No one knows more about your project than you do. We place our amazing creative talent at your disposal tp make your vision a reality. We always keep you in the loop with approval points every step of the way.

Video is the essential way to promote your brand and Digital Motion Studios should be your partner of choice.


Video Production Clients

Our clients consist of all sizes and industries, from local, small companies to medium-sized businesses and large corporations...We work with you to bring your vision to life!


TV & Internet Marketing

Our team of experts provides all video production services so that our clients can focus on reaching their ultimate goal… Getting more clients!


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Branding, Internal Video & Events

Do you want to enhance your Corporate Brand Identity? Strengthen your role in the marketplace with a professional corporate video that communicates your core values with clarity that customers will comprehend.


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Social Media & Website Video

Share your video with the world.

Having a video on your website and other social media sites is no longer a choice, it’s essential…


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