Effective Video Production in West Palm Beach, FL

Enhance Your Brand, Educate Your Viewer & Boost Your Sales!

Welcome to Digital Motion Studios! We’re a premier video production company serving the West Palm Beach, Stuart and greater Palm Beach County areas. When you’re in need of branding for your company, promotions for your product or service, or video production, we’re the ideal production company for the job. Our video production services include creating videos for social media, websites, training purposes, tutorials (how-to videos and animated explainer videos), and more.

Branding & growing your business is the objective.

Video content is a powerful asset for your business. Video marketing should be a top priority for your business, as the internet is now the top medium for business growth. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a commercial, an internet marketing video, customer or patient testimonials, corporate branding or training videos—quality matters. Every time someone watches your video, your company or product is being judged and evaluated. What are they looking at? Your content, production quality, the overall presentation and most importantly, the style and value of the information the video provides.


A high-quality video doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Due to the major advances in the technology over the past 10 years, the video industry has rapidly changed. Video production equipment is more accessible and less expensive. We now have better cameras and better equipment at much more affordable prices and that ultimately lowers our cost. Therefore, our clients consist of small- to medium-sized businesses as well as large corporations. We strive to build strong professional relationships and long-lasting partnerships—regardless of the company’s size.

Get the most impact from your video production. 

We’re proud to be a full-service video production facility using the latest and the best HD cinema cameras, audio and other high-end production equipment. The quality of our production is among the top anywhere. We’re here to make you and your company look its best!

At Digital Motion Studios, our specialty is serving your audience. Our total collaborative process ensures that your vision comes to life, your production is flawless, and your audience is inspired.

When working with Digital Motion Studios, you’re the Executive Producer. No one knows more about your project than you do. We place our amazing creative team at your disposal and always keep you in the loop with approval points every step of the way. Video is the essential way to promote your brand, and Digital Motion Studios is your partner of choice.


Video Production Clients

Our clients consist of all sizes and industries, from local, small companies to medium-sized businesses and large corporations...We work with you to bring your vision to life!


TV & Internet Marketing

Our team of experts provides all video production services so that our clients can focus on reaching their ultimate goal… Getting more clients!


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Branding, Internal Video & Events

Do you want to enhance your Corporate Brand Identity? Strengthen your role in the marketplace with a professional corporate video that communicates your core values with clarity that customers will comprehend.


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Social Media & Website Video

Share your video with the world.

Having a video on your website and other social media sites is no longer a choice, it’s essential…


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