Training & How To Video

West Palm Beach, Stuart & Port St Lucie

Training or how to videos don’t have to be boring!

Educate, stimulate and produce tangible change for employees & customers with a How to or training video. Here’s the best way to build your brand and educate your viewers.A well produced video will address the important messages you want to get across to your staff or viewers and provide you the result you’re looking for. The right way to do it! It’s a know fact that viewers learn much more effectively when they’re engaged through video and it’s easier to keep that information and use it the way it was intended. We produce high-end internal corporate training videos, simple “How To” videos and everything in-between. We can create a training video for any size company fitting any budget, large and small.

Due to the confidential nature internal videos are not publicly online. Private links are available upon request.

Strand Maximizer

Being creative is essential and with a blacked out studio look, it’s exactly what the client wanted. It also puts the focus on the product and not the surrounding environment. When using talent, a need for the product is necessary so it brings credibility to the product.

Luka RX

How to videos are a great way for customers to learn how to use a product. A well produced video can also show how well it works and can prove to be a great marketing video too. Luka RX used this video on their website as well as social media and for video SEO.

Bulova Medical

Bulova needed a video demonstrating to doctors & staff on how to properly apply their cast.  Since their casts are uniquely different then other cast, it shows how to apply it and how much easier this product was compared to competitors.

Aqua Dock Lights

Aqua Dock Lights simple how to video provides existing and potential customers with a video on how to use Aqua Dock Lights. The goal was to show viewers how easy the set up is. Little did my client realize it also doubled as a great marketing tool.