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Growing your business with video.

Video content is a powerful asset for your business. Video should be one of your number one tools used. The Internet is now the top mediums for business video use. Even our large corporate clients provide quarterly “State of the Company” type updates via online through email and various other third- party applications. The days of DVD and other video handout are over.

Your Image is everything, use video to elevate it!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a Commercial, Internet marketing video, customer or patient testimonials, corporate branding or training video,  simple how to video or even live streaming events…quality matters. Every time someone watches your video, your company or product is being judged and evaluated. What are they looking at? Your content, production quality, the overall presentation and most importantly, the style and valuable information the video provides. Getting the most impact from your video production.


The Foundation of your video is very important.

We strive to be well prepared and organized. Like a building, your video will only be as strong as the foundation. Your message is the key to success. Your message is the foundation. It’s important to have a script and even a written storyboard. A well written script will proved great ideas for an amazing shot list. The more precise you can relate what your saying to what your showing will have a huge impact on making that emotional connection to what you’re offering. If you film generic, your video will come across generic.

The quality style & look of your video

Everything must be as appealing as possible. Your video is a direct representation of your company or product. If your video looks bad, you look bad. Finding the best possible atmosphere should be number one on the to-do list. When something looks good, often people can’t point to a single thing and say that’s what’s making me feel this way. But when there’s something bad…It stands out like a sore thumb. Taking the time to find the right environment is crucial. Not only the visuals are important but also the sound. Bad sound quality can drag your entire video down and make people click off. Selecting the right location, the right music bed and even the tone and quality of the voice over makes a big difference in the success of your video.

The Finishing touches on your video.

Now that we have a good foundation, there’s so much more to consider depending on what your final video will be and what it will be used for. From Internet marketing videos to corporate videos, we are professionals, we have the knowledge and expertise to execute your next video to have the greatest impact on your viewers. Having a video on your internet site and other social media websites is no longer a preference, it’s vital.
The increased sophistication of web users and the move to tablets and mobile devices make video the new experience of choice. Simply put, if you don’t have video, you don’t have a real web presence. When your customers are on a smartphone or tablet, they cannot effectively read your website content. They want to click and play which translates to click and stay. The video combination of sight and sound presents your information in the best possible way.

Remember when you knew you should have a webpage? The same is true for video content today.
Don’t waste another moment deciding if video should be part of your social media. The marketplace has already said “Yes!.”

Digital Motion Studios is a business-to-business company. That’s all we do! We specialize in video for YOUR businesses.

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Comprehensive Pre-Production Services, Including:


Location Scouting

Shoot Coordination & Logistics

Talent Casting (Voice and On-Screen)

Legal Assistance (Release Forms, Etc.)

Comprehensive Production Services, Including:

High Definition Cinematic Filming

Multi-Camera Shoots

Voice-Over Recordings



Specialized Equipment (Jibs, Dollies, Etc.)

Comprehensive Post-Production Services, Including:

Video Editing

Color Grading

2D/3D Animation (Motion Graphics)

Whiteboard Animation

All Productions Include the Following…

Completed video in a wide variety of useful video formats for social media and YouTube.

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