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Key Benefits of Social Media & Video for Your Website.

Having a video for your Website site and other social media platforms is no longer a preference, it’s vital.The increased sophistication of web users and the move to tablets and mobile devices make video the new experience of choice. Simply put, if you don’t have video, you don’t have real web presence. When your customers are on a smart phone or tablet, they cannot effectively read your website content. They want to click and play which translates to click and stay. The video combination of sight and sound presents your information in the best possible way. Remember when you knew you should have a webpage? The same is true for video content today.

With the hustle and bustle of our daily lives most people would rather watch a short video than talking up to 3-5 times longer to read it. Here’s some key benefits you will get for using video for your next marketing campaign.


Video can Boost Conversion rates.

Video should really be considered an investment. Having a video on a Landing page can increase your conversion dramatically. Hubspot says up to 80%! When a viewer engages with a video, it can have a very powerful effect on influencing a buying decision. People make decisions based on emotion and unlike text on a screen, video stimulates sight and sound and creates emotion in a way text never can. Think of that scary movie music… It creates fear…What about a bubbling brook or relaxing music? It calms you. You can make someone feel a certain way about a product, service that would compel them to make a connection with what your offering. That visitor can turn in to a lead and that lead can turn into a customer.

Video SEO. Why do search engines love video?

Google and other search engines love anything that engages viewers. Click and Play means click and stay! If a search engine sees that the average stay on your page is high…you will be rewarded because it sees that the viewers are having a pleasant experience. Search engines thrive on sending people to sites that are relevant and a positive experience. You Tube is the one of the largest search engine besides Google…Which owns You Tube and includes video in the search results. If you want to dramatically increase your chances of being found, Add and promote your videos to your social media sites and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

What will video do for your company?

Video will build trust and credibility with your viewers. A well-produced video will connect with your viewer. The more you can connect, the more you can gain their trust. Once you have the viewers trust…The rest comes easy.Video marketing is only getting more and more essential. There are so many online platforms that is not just for large companies anymore. Every business should be utilizing video. From Marketing, How To, Testimonial and basic branding videos.

Don’t waste another moment deciding if video should be part of your social media. The marketplace has already said “Yes!.”

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pH Prescription Water

Promoting their products in a very creative way. Telling a powerful story can make a big difference. This was a non-scripted tell us what you think from the mind and the heart filmed interview. The best way to tell a story is with someones own words.

Norchill Coolers

This product can be found on Amazon and their website. We specialize in marketing and promotional video. We have produced numerous product videos for the client from coolers & tumblers to Portable fishing sonar.

Wicked Sharp Shears

Mini-Documentary style telling a riveting story on how properly sharpened shears can make a big difference. As you can see, this is one of our favorite styles of filming. No script and from the heart.

Flying Fish Paddle Sports

Another Mini-Documentary style video featuring what their company has to offer. Many customers are utilizing the various online platforms that support video to push out their marketing and promotional videos online.