Video Marketing in West Palm Beach, FL

Online Social Media & Website Video Production Services

Having a video for your internet site and other social media web sites is no longer a preference, it’s vital.

The increased sophistication of web users and the move to tablets and mobile devices make video the new experience of choice. Simply put, if you don’t have video, you don’t have real web presence. When your customers are on a smart phone or tablet, they cannot effectively read your website content. They want to click and play which translates to click and stay. The video combination of sight and sound presents your information in the best possible way. Remember when you knew you should have a webpage? The same is true for video content today.

Don’t waste another moment deciding if video should be part of your social media. The marketplace has already said “Yes!.”

pH Prescription Water

Promoting their products in a very creative way. Telling a powerful story can make a big difference.

Norchill Coolers

This product can be found on Amazon and their website. We branded one version for Amazon use and another for their website.

Wicked Sharp Shears

Mini-Documentary style telling a riveting story on how properly sharpened shears can make a big difference.

Flying Fish Paddle Sports

Another Mini-Documentary style video featuring what their company has to offer.