Commercial Video Production in West Palm Beach, FL

TV & Internet Marketing

Digital Motion Studios provides complete television commercial campaigns including concept, script, shooting, and editing. We create and produce many types of commercials and marketing videos across different media platforms. Having worked with agencies, corporations, and small business clients in producing creative and effective television ad campaigns, we’re confident we can work with any budget. Our team of experts provides full video production services so that our clients can focus on reaching their ultimate goal… getting more clients!Advertising is all about getting the viewers attention, holding it, and then focusing on our message… and nothing gets our attention like high-quality video. So, how do you get more impact to grab the potential customer attention and guide them toward making a buying decision? There are many ways but one of the most effective strategies is through emotion.

We all make decisions based on emotion. If you can create an emotional connection, you are well on your way to making a customer. Digital Motion Studios wants to work with you from concept to completion. There are several styles of web or television commercials to choose from, ensuring the best commercial advertisement for any budget and company style.

We also provide access to top account executives for Comcast cable and broadcast advertising that have all the latest marketing strategies and demographic research at their disposal.

Don’t waste another moment deciding how to promote your company or product.
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Traditional Advertising

There’s nothing like your traditional type ad. Hit all the key features and show your viewers what you have to offer.

Dramiatc for a Powerful Impression

Tell your story in a dramatic way. Make a lasting impression through emotion and cinamatic style to make your company stand out.

Storyline and Character Driven

Need a high-end storyline driven ad featuring talent? Here we can cast talent and our copywriters can help develop the story line in a powerful and effect way.

Mini-Documentary Style

This style is a great option for a commercial. This ad provides a third party view look as if an interview and story being told about your Business.